Service Dog Training

Private Service Dog Training Program

Learning to train your dog to be a service dog, it’s pretty easy, as a matter of fact. We act as your consultants and guide you through the whole training process, from start to finish.  This approach keeps costs down and improves the relationship with your service dog. Also by doing this, we make life-changing training within the reach of most people. 

RDT Service Dogs

RDT Service dogs come from a wide variety of places, but most people start with an existing dog they have already own. Especially is this dog has developed the ability to alert to medical conditions.   People that do not have a dog already will often choose a dog from a breeder, shelter, or rescue.

Training Level

Depending on the level of your dogs’ training when we start will determine how long training will take. The more service related tasks you need the longer training will take.   Due to the variety of issues service dogs are tasked with please contact us to access your situation.

If you can imagine it.

If you can imagine it, it can be done. Do you need the dog to turn on the lights, take the trash out, and put the dishes in the sink? We can make it happen.  Learn how to train your dog for task-specific commands. Don’t wait to get the help you need, let us show you how to train your own service dog today.

American With Disabilities Act Compliant

Service Dog Training Programs can be difficult and may take different lengths of time.  This is determined by the complexity of the service related tasks that are required.  Upon completion, your dog will meet all of the ADAAG Guidelines and you will be able to take your dog with you where ever you go.