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Veteran K-9 Handler Founded

Robinson Dog Training LLC (RDT) is the Original Veteran K-9 Handler Founded Phoenix Dog Training Company, now located in Mesa. We specialize in private dog training, but also offer a full range of dog training services especially house manners and all of the basics needed for training a great dog. With Private training, Group Class, Snake Aversion, and a Board & Train, we have something for everyone.  

Commitment to Excellence

This world class program was created with the needs of pet dog owners in mind but our methods are founded on the training taught to our Military K-9 handlers.  The commitment to excellence has been a driving factor in our training program and is one of our biggest core values.

Go Further

Advanced Dog Training Programs in Protection, Service, Therapy, Search and Rescue, Detection and more. Call now to learn what we can do for you.  (Our expert dog trainers can help with working dogs too.)  

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Obedience/Problem Solving

Want the best for your pets, of course, you do so do we!  The key to good training is education, consistency, and time.  Let us show you why we’re the best. Our unique program starts with a solid educational foundation then moves through all of the basic commands We can even address house-manners like jumping, barking, table surfing, digging, destruction and more.

Protection Training

Already have the basics, wanna do something cool?   Try one of our advanced training programs in Family Protection. Protection Dog Training is suitable for all dogs with a high prey drive and even pets.  If you don’t know what prey drive is please get a copy of our training manual FIDO or Fundamentals In Dog Obedience.  Protection Dog training teaches your dog when to bite and when not to. If your dog already plays tug of war with a rope then you are halfway there. Training does not make your dog mean or any less of a pet. Instead it simply gives your dog the confidence to act when threatened.

Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Etc.

A growing number of people are choosing to train their own service dogs with our help.  This keeps costs down and still gives you the expert advice and guidance you need to reach your goals. Upon completion of our program, your dog will meet all ADA Guidelines and you will be able to take your dog with you with unrestricted access in public places.

Our Training Program

Who we are.

Our founder Louis W. Robinson, Veteran K-9 handler and Lead trainer created a dog training program for pet owners from the ground up. Only using the best, most effective techniques. We believe that the best way to teach a dog is to teach the owner to use a blend of both positive and negative reinforcement, creating a well-balanced dog. The dog will still be allowed to be a dog and maintain the desirable parts of his unique personality. Dog training will not make your dog a robot but you will have the best dog possible with our guidance. We do Phoenix dog training right.

Unique Training Programs

Our training program is unique because it utilizes both traditional and modern training techniques.  It’s the best of both worlds and our programs are designed around teaching the owner.  We never teach anyone to hit or abuse dogs! We love, care, and have respect for our canine companions. Try one of our training programs, and see how quickly behavioral issues disappear!

Our Training Styles

There are basically two sides to dog training, positive only training and avoidance training. Both styles of training are useful but neither one of these styles should be totally relied on. Positive only training consists of voice tone, body positioning, praise and food reward. We have found that only using the techniques from this type of training often produces less than desirable results with the dog only performing if the reward is “good enough”. Avoidance training typically uses training tools like slip collars, choke chains, pinchers and shock collars but not all dogs need those. If an inexperienced or untrained person utilizes these tools incorrectly the end result could be a scared, timid dog, or even aggressive dog and can create a whole new set of issues.  Every case is different and there is no one size fits all solution.  We teach our students about all of the styles of training, equipment, and training principals in order to determine the best course of action for each unique team.    Learn how to train your dog the right way with our professional trainers and learn about all the methods not just one or two.


Best Of Chandler 2020 Dog Trainer

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Our award winning Custom private home dog training program is a great confidence building experience for the entire family.  We have been serving the greater Phoenix areas dog training needs since 2007.   
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  • Agression Problems

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Custom Dog Training Program

We know great trainers have a thorough understanding of all styles of training and when to use them, and we do not focus on one specific style.  This allows us to teach you when to use each style to provide the best results.

Build a strong bond
Proper training builds strong bonds. Basic obedience training is a must, to ensure a well balanced and happy life for your dog.  You’ll love having the peace of mind, that comes with knowing how to train your dog. Having a well-behaved dog that follows directions and does what you ask is awesome!
Educate for the Human.

We believe that the most important part of the process is educating the owner.  Once the owner is trained to communicate properly the dog will fall into line .  Dogs should have a social structure with humans at the top to prevent confusion, stress, and other more serious behavioral issues. Our easy to understand communication techniques are so simple you will wish you had this understanding sooner. Creating a proper pack structure within your home is essential for your family and dog. We make dog training easy in Phoenix and across the valley!

No Breed Restrictions

From working dogs to pets we’re comfortable with some of the toughest cases.  Small dog? Yes, we do ankle biters too.

Obedience & Advanced Training Programs
Puppy Training, Obedience, Snake Aversion, Service, Protection, Detection, Tracking,Therapy, and even Aggression .

Client Testimonials

If I could rate 10 stars, I would. I have a Pitbull that I rescued…Louis is incredible knowledgeable.

T Deeny

“… all-around genius when it comes to dogs. My experience with him has been top-notch. His teachings begin with becoming a better handler, which in turn creates a better dog. ”
R. Driscol

“After just the first lesson, our friends couldn’t believe they were the same dogs. His techniques are amazing and we will definitely use him in the future. I give him 100 stars! ”
C. Wergin

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