Get the best custom search and rescue training services. We can train you to prepare your dog for search and rescue missions.

Dogs, compared to humans, have several significant physiological benefits. They have an extraordinary sense of smell, enabling them to locate things even when they are far away. Most canines have powerful legs, which allow them to move quickly through brush and other terrains. The cherry on top is the fact that pups have acute hearing. Puppies with these characteristics are the best candidates to assist in a search and rescue mission. A dog could find the individual in trouble far more rapidly than a group of trained specialists could.

Participating in our Search and Rescue Dog Trainer Program will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to train and work with dogs in the thrilling and demanding field of search and rescue. We teach the core skills. That are required for success in teaching and handling dogs for all kinds of Search and Rescue Dog missions, including urban and wilderness SAR. Learners in our Program learn how to pick a prospect for a search and rescue dog correctly. And all aspects of training and keeping a search and rescue dog.

When it comes to search and rescue dog training, using Robinson dog training techniques can be truly effective and rewarding. Robinson dog training emphasizes positive reinforcement and reward-based learning, making it an ideal approach for training search and rescue dogs. These dogs are trained to locate and save people in various emergency situations. With Robinson dog training, the focus is on rewarding the dog for behaviors that align with their search and rescue duties, such as staying focused, tracking scents, and alerting their handlers. This positive reinforcement not only helps the dogs learn their tasks more quickly and efficiently, but it also creates a strong bond between the dog and handler. The work these dogs do is highly demanding and can often be life-saving, and using Robinson dog training ensures their training is effective and their work is rewarding for both the dog and their handler.

We will train your dog for natural disasters

Our search and rescue dog training methods are progressive. They are based in techniques explained by  a veteran military working dog handler who has performed similar tasks in several types of operations and around the globe.

Our canines have received training in some of the most demanding settings. Across the world, some of our dogs have shown their mettle in the real world to include harsh operating enviornments.

Our Search and rescue dog training program will teach your dog all the necessary things

Our world-class curriculum was developed with the requirements of companion dog owners in mind. The training methods are based on the education provided to the handlers of our military working dogs. The commitment to quality is the guiding principle and has been a primary motivating force in developing our training program.

As we now specialize in working with domestic pets, we can teach your animal to obey commands and assist you in search and rescue missions without any problems. The most rewarding part is watching dogs kept on leashes their entire lives behave well when they are working. When dogs and their owners learn a new command that allows them to work off-leash, both parties get a thrill out of watching the other party’s excitement. 

We deliver results with personalized attention 

As each dog is unique, we adjust our training methods following the characteristics of their personalities and temperaments. Also, we personalize the dog behavior training to match each family member’s individual requirements and lifestyle choices, as well as the dog’s surroundings and what YOU want from your dog.

Our training programs are comprehensive and effective 

We at Robinson Dog Training know that most SAR handlers and teams around the country are volunteers and perform their work voluntarily. We can accommodate most search and rescue teams with our reasonably priced training. Our Search and Rescue training programs include an entire handler training class. We focus on providing every team with the skills and information they need to function effectively.

We are experts in training dogs for all types of working dog tasks like Detection, Tracking in wilderness, Desert, And even Urban enviorments

Our studenst often want to donate their time to a cause. As a result, In addition to the fire departments, police force, and sheriff’s department, and others we frequently train to search and rescue dogs for private citizens just like you.

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The Search and Rescue Dog Handler training program involves instruction in various search tactics and strategies. Those include comprehension of training variables, basic and complex scent theory, and the management of acute crises and disasters. Our courses provide the handler with substantial technical, hands-on instruction. They always ensure that they are confident in their ability to operate with their dog in the fields they select as basic or complex tracks available.