Private/ In-Home  Dog Training

In-home Obedience training is the most popular dog training service we offer, It is designed to strengthen the bond between dog and human while being fun and educational for both owner and dog. You will be amazed at how simple it is to train your dog while you learn about basic obedience, without treats or clickers as well as learn about natural dog leadership.  We’re going to cover subjects like normal dog pack structure, dog behaviors, effective methods of canine communication, proper use of dog training tools, and how it all relates to obedience training. Basic Obedience commands taught vary depending on the number of lessons but all programs include Sit, Out (drop it), Heel, Down, Stay and Come. Additional commands covered include boundary control, quiet, obedience drills, and heel stationery. (A command used to make your dog come to you and sit on your left-hand side.)

Basic, Plus, and Premium Packages Include Introductory Lesson

Training begins with learning the fundamentals, Basic Obedience training is the first step towards more advanced training. Learning to walk before you run is as much a reality for you as it is your dog. After graduating basic obedience you are eligible to enroll in any of the advanced training we offer, but just like elementary school, you must start with the basics first.

Single Session / Intro Lesson


  • Want a training but don’t know where to begin?  Most clients start with the introductory lesson and select their package at the end.  It’s our signature service and designed to be a fun learning experience for the whole family.
    • You will learn what it takes to train your dog the right way.
    • We will teach you the basics behind the all of popular training styles.
    • This lesson Is the 1st lesson of any of our regular packages
    • You will even get to practice under the watchful eyes of your trainer before you practice with your dog.  Try it you’ll like it.
  • Only need a single session?  Just let us know you are only interested in a single session and we will assist with specific issues.   We can often get to the root of the problem and give you a viable plan to help resolve it in as little as one hour.

Basic Package

  • Basic package for those who do not have any major issues with their dog but prefer private instruction and live in Phoenix or surrounding areas
  • Training is focused on the Fundamentals of Dog Obedience (F.I.D.O.) from the intro lesson and it teaches proper human-canine communication skills, based on science and thoroughly tested through training and application


  • Official training manual included


  • 4 Sessions (private instruction)

Plus Package

  • We will also get to take things at more of a relaxed pace with the additional sessions giving you more time to work


  • With this package, you get a total of 6 sessions and it includes additional commands not covered in the basic package.


  • This is for those who are not currently interested in advanced training but want to learn additional commands that our basic package does not.


  • Official training manual included
  • 6 Sessions (private instruction)

Premium Package

  • This is our most popular package, It is a combo package and can fit most needs, it includes both basic and advanced training modules.  It includes everything you normally get with the plus package but also four sessions of advanced training too.  The advanced training can be used for any advanced training including aggression issues.  Not sure if your dog can make it through the obedience evaluation, but wanna try? This package is perfect for those who want both the basics and advanced training.


  • Official training manual included


  • 10 Sessions Total
    • 6 Sessions (private instruction)
    • 4 Advanced Sessions (private instruction)