Prices and Services


Start with the Private Intro/Evaluation Lesson for $299 and apply the cost to any training package! 

Private Training

Basic Training

(no per dog fee)

$299    = Intro/Evaluation Lesson is the 1st lesson of every package and lasts about an hour and a half. Your instructor will use our book FIDO as a guide to teach you the methods and psychology behind the training, including how and when to use the different techniques .  This is a people training class, it is 90% lecture, but the little work we do with the dog. If at the end of the session you decide to move forward with additional training this session counts as lesson one of any of the basic or advanced private training packages listed!

$999   = Basic Program = 4 sessions + Paperback Edition of FIDO

$1499  = Plus  Program = 6 sessions + Paperback Edition of FIDO

$2799  = Premium/Combo = 6 sessions + Paperback +  4 Advanced Sessions.

Advanced/Specialty Training

(no per dog fee)

$349   = Single Session/Evaluation

$1299 = Advanced/Specialty Starter = 4 sessions

$1999 = Advanced/Specialty Plus = 6 sessions

$2999 = Elite Package 10 Sessions Advanced Training Only (excludes scent detection)

$4999 = Scent Detection (Per Odor)

Board And Train

Boarding Only (N/A)

$199  Daily Rate + FIDO Paperback

$2499 = 14 Days + FIDO Paperback

$4499 = 30 Days + FIDO Paperback

* Follow up sessions are suggested but not required.


Aversion Training (Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake and Sonoran Desert Toad Available.

We go to you.

Rattlesnake Aversion for $149 for the 1st dog and $75 per additional dog add the toad for  an extra $50 (seasonal) * additional travel fees may apply. 

You come to us!

$75 per dog.

Add the toad for and additional $50 per dog


Private Group Class

These prices include up to 4 dog teams.  Additional dogs can be added for $199 Ea

$399 1st Lesson + 4 paperback copy of FIDO)

$1199 1st lesson 4 paperbacks +  3 additional lessons

$1699  1st lesson 4 paperbacks +  5 additional lessons

Official Training Manual "FIDO" Fundamentals In Dog Obedience
$ 6.95 PDF Only

$14.95 Paperback