Private Group Class

group class

What is Private Group Class?

Get a group of your friends, family, and neighbors together so you can learn how to train your dogs. It is easier to work with people you trust, but the best part is that class can be at the location of your choice. (Even your own yard (see travel options). This is a popular new program for training, and our participants have fun and learn a lot throughout the process. We look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Participating in a private dog training group class with family and friends offers the advantage of a comfortable and supportive environment, where everyone can freely ask questions and engage in relevant discussions about their dogs’ training progress. The familiarity and trust among the group members help create a relaxed atmosphere, enhancing the learning experience for both dogs and owners.

By choosing a private training class, families and friends can tailor the curriculum to suit their specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the training sessions address their dogs’ individual challenges and goals. This personalized approach allows greater flexibility in accommodating different training styles and adjusting the pace according to each dog’s learning abilities.

The shared experience of training dogs together with loved ones can foster a deeper sense of unity and cooperation among family members and friends. As everyone learns alongside one another, mutual support and encouragement can strengthen the bond between both the owners and their dogs, leading to more successful and enjoyable training outcomes.

Our Focus:

Our private dog training group classes’ focus covers basic commands like Sit, Heel, Come, Down, and Stay; however, we also emphasize traditional dog training techniques with improvised distractions. The instruction we provide comes from our book “FIDO” or the “Fundamentals In Dog Obedience.” We cover basic psychology and handling techniques that every dog owner needs to know. Did you pass training at the big box store but feel like you’re still missing something? Let one of our trainers show you all the way. Let us guide you through the training process. Remember to keep your Private Group class small so we can devote ample time to each “student.”

Trainig For the Real World!

As part of your dog’s training, we offer public classes/group classes. Group and private lessons have advantages, but for social and educational dogs, learning in a group setting can be more exciting and engaging.
In addition, owners can see firsthand what other people go through as they train their dogs by being in public. Their experiences get shared, and they realize that other dog owners have similar pets.

How old does my dog have to be to enroll?
No dog is too old for training but your pup needs to be at least 14 weeks old to begin training.

Why we are different

The information we teach was created for Military K9 Handlers but has been modified to meet the needs of pet dog owners who value reliability and performance. This program was made with all of you in mind. Our techniques are perfect for all dogs (even pets).
USAF K-9 Veteran Handler Louis Robinson created the program with pets in mind. Our easy-to-understand training methods have been taught to thousands of dogs with great results. You will see the difference.

What you need:

5 – 6’ non-retractable leash

Training collar (traditional slip collar)

Optional equipment: Whistles, Clickers, Treats, Toys, Long Leashes, Muzzles,Shock Collars, Water bowls or etc.


The instructor may cancel class for Rain, Temps over 100 degrees, Storms, floods,UFO’s, Zombie Outbreaks, or similar Apocalyptic Events. 


No outdoors Group Class in June, July or August.