Prices and Services


Start with the Private Intro/Evaluation Lesson for $299 and apply the cost to any training package! 

Private Training

Private Dog Training (no per dog fee)

$299 = Private dog training: The intro/evaluation lesson is the 1st lesson of every package and lasts about an hour and a half. Your instructor will use our book FIDO as a guide to teaching you the methods and psychology behind the training, including how and when to use the different techniques. This is a people training class, it is 90% lecture. If at the end of the session you decide to move forward with additional training this session counts as lesson one of any of the basic or advanced private training packages listed!

$999   = Basic Program = 4 sessions + Paperback Edition of FIDO

$1499  = Plus  Program = 6 sessions + Paperback Edition of FIDO

$2799  = Premium/Combo = 6 sessions + Paperback +  4 Advanced Sessions.

Advanced/Specialty Training

(no per dog fee)

$349   = Advanced Single Session

$1299 = Advanced/Specialty Starter = 4 sessions

$1999 = Advanced/Specialty Plus = 6 sessions

$2999 = Elite Package 10 Sessions Advanced Training Only (excludes scent detection)

$4999 = Scent Detection (Per Odor)

Board And Train

Boarding Only (N/A)

SORRY! At this time we are not able to provide our board and train services, please consider our private training options.

$199  Daily Rate + FIDO Paperback

$2499 = 14 Days + FIDO Paperback

$4499 = 30 Days + FIDO Paperback

* Follow-up sessions are suggested but not required.


Aversion Training (Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake and Sonoran Desert Toad Available)

At your place.

$149 includes Rattlesnake and travel up to 15 miles, Additional dogs are only $99

Add the toad for just $49 more (seasonal)

* additional travel fees may apply for our extended service area.

At our place!

$99 per dog for the Rattlesnake

Add the Sonoran Desert Toad for an additional $49

Sonoran Desert Toad only $99


Private Group Class

These prices include up to 4 dog teams.  Additional dogs can be added for $199 Ea

$399 1st Lesson + 4 paperback copy of FIDO)

$1199 1st lesson 4 paperbacks +  3 additional lessons

$1699  1st lesson 4 paperbacks +  5 additional lessons

Official Training Manual "FIDO" Fundamentals In Dog Obedience
$ 6.95 PDF Only

$14.95 Paperback