Veteran K-9 Handler Louis Robinson

Hi, my name is Louis Robinson. I served in the United States Air Force As a Military Working Dog Handler (I used to look for bombs). During my time in the military I had the privilege of spending a good portion my young adult life handling and training Military Working Dogs. The military’s version of police K-9’s and we did a lot of fun stuff including agility, patrol (bite-work), and scent detection.  So the best part, besides my dog, was working side by side with some of the greatest K-9 handlers in the world.

More About Me

In 2007, Robinson Dog Training was created by Veteran K-9 handler Louis Robinson and offered both basic and advanced training services to the general public. We started by specializing in training dog owners with working dog breeds, These include, German Shepherds, Belgium Malinois, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pitt Bulls. We worked with those who wanted advanced training or had behavioral challenges. But then the small dog people started calling. So we began accepting small non-working breeds too, because everybody deserves a great dog.  

My Extensive Experience

Over the next decade, Veteran K-9 handler Louis Robinson wrote and re-wrote book F.I.D.O. Fundamentals In Dog Obedience which is on it’s 3rd Edition.  Currently it is used as a guide to teach students the “secret art” of dog training…  ha ha. There is no secret art just basic psychology and practice. It helps to have someone guide you through the process and that is where we come in.  At 1st things started slowly but word spread quickly and we experienced growth each year. I was taking cases the other guys refused to take on further developing my easy to understand training program. Eventually I began to offering more services and and were born.  My methods are rooted in the military and based on traditional training techniques. The programs I created are made for pet owners just like you, give us a call!

Founded the Service Dog Fund, An AZ-based 501c3 dedicated to helping veterans get service dog training.

Dog demo at Ryan elementary school in Chandler AZ

USAF Patrol/Explosives Detection Saudi Arabia 1998

About Us

Our custom dog training program was created in to help frustrated pet owners with working dog breeds who prefer a more traditional training approach.  We can even help with your small dogs too. Let our team of extraordinary dog trainers show you why we lead the dog training industry.

Our Philosophy

At RDT we constantly strive to provide the best dog training experience possible. We provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of creating cooperative canines.

We use easy to understand lesson plans that are both fun and effective while building a stronger bond through dog training. Honest evaluations and real solutions for dog owners are what you can expect.

When it comes to dog training we simply do what we know works the best. Not all dogs or people are created alike and they should not be treated as such.  Most dog training styles can be useful, but knowing, when to use a particular method, is at the heart our training programs. Together, we help you figure out what is the best training to suit your lifestyle and the dog’s needs.

They Demand Love

Generally, a dog just wants to love and please their owner but unfortunately society, as a whole, has forgotten how to speak to our pet dogs.  When communication breaks down it is frustrating and sometimes can destroy an otherwise healthy relationship. Any good dog trainer will tell you that training the owner is the first step to train a dog.


Professionally created training programs designed to consult and provide personalized instruction suitable for both pet or civilian working dog needs.

Proven scientifically effective methods that work on any age or breed of dog. We specialize in working breeds but we do wonder with small and toy breeds too.  The psychology or training of the dog does not change with the size.

Expert trainers that are knowledgeable, and understand the methodology behind all of the methods Mr. Robinson teaches.

Note: Dogs with severe behavioral issues may need additional training sessions for an additional cost. This guarantee does not apply to dogs with medical conditions. That could possibly hinder training or cognitive learning ability.

What types of training do you use?
Our methods are a blend of positive and negative reinforcement based on Pavlovs’ dog and the principals of conditioning.  We use both traditional and modern training techniques depending on the situation as they all differ.
Will my dog to become a robot?

Your dog will not become a robot, our training is designed to create an obedient, well-mannered dog that is pleasant to be around. The dog will still play and act like your dog, but your dog will be better at following basic commands. A lot better!

We teach you, the owner/handler about the basic principles of canine cognitive learning. This allows you to understand how your dog will react to influences from you or other environmental cues.

What equipment do I need?
Most people already have all the equipment that is required a leather or nylon leash between 4’-6’ long and standard slip collar. If you don’y have a slip collar don’t worry, we will go over proper placement and fit on your first lesson.

Optional equipment: Toys, treats, clickers, gentle leaders, harnesses, muzzles, pincher collars, shock collars, whistles,  training leashes, and long leashes.  These tools can often enhance training, but if used incorrectly, can result in ineffective training.

You trained military dogs – what makes you think you can train my “Yorkie”?

In the military, the techniques used are based on the principals of conditioning. These methods are based on basic dog psychology and behavior. The psychology of the dog does not change with the size. Hence the same principals of learning can be applied to any dog including your “Yorkie”.

Can any dog do your Protection Program?

Not every dog or owner is suitable for protection training and each case needs to be evaluated individually prior enrollment. You are required to take our Obedience program or be able to pass our standard obedience evaluation.

We have a policy against putting dangerous dog teams out in public. If we feel you are not responsible, or your dog is not under control then we will not train in this area. If your dog is not suitable for this type of training for any reason you may switch to another advanced training course.

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