Premium Online Instruction

Due to social distancing advice set forth by the CDC and personal responsibility during the Covid-19

pandemic we have updated our training programs to online programs only. 

Louis Robinson

Louis Robinson

Head Trainer

Mr. Robinson is a USAF Veteran MWD Handler/Trainer and the founder of Robinson Dog Training. In 2007 he created his company to cater to pet owners across the valley and to teach pet owners the secrets to good training with the goal of building a better bond.  You will the  learn tips and techniques the military uses to create some of the world’s best trained dogs. Since founding Robinson Dog Training he has been called a leader in the K-9 Training industry and continues to lead to this day with constantly evolving programs tailored to suit your needs.

How it works!

Our NEW live online system will guide you through the dog training process at your pace. Learn from the pro’s in the comfort of your own home.   Learn about all of the different training techniques, training styles, and when to use them live with a REAL not just some guy in some a boring training video. Real advice Real Time. Dog training is 90% training the owner  and 10% working with the dog. Let us train you and and we will watch you train the dog.  You will love learning with our guidance and under our watchful eye. Dog’s are like people and can different from one another.  Some dogs will respond better with one type of training over another let our expert trainers can help you through the training process and teach you to be the best dog owner you can be. Your dog deserves it.

Due to increased demand since everyone is home now online training sessions are scheduled in 15 minute increments.  If you need more sessions don’t worry.  You  can add more time whenever you need it or book sessions back to back when possible, remember we are training on your schedule take your time and do it right.

Getting Started

Learning to train your dog!

Step 1:  Get your free consultation discuss your case and see if we can help.

Step 2:  Schedule your live training session. We use Zoom ™ , What’s App ™, or Skype ™ 

Step 3:  Download a free copy of our 165pg training manual to follow along.

Step 4: Log on with your trainer at the scheduled time and begin you live online training.