Live Online Dog Training

It really works!!

My training online training program is designed to teach you, not the dog about the principals and techniques of dog training.  You need to train the actual dog.  We can identify problems and provide you with logical solutions for solving unwanted behaviors.  We can demonstrate the techniques and answer your questions in real time.  We can be with you to walk you through the steps to have the perfect dog anywhere in the world.  Don’t wait to have the dog of your dreams.  Get started now!

How to do it.
Step 1:  Pre-pay time on Paypal using the button on the rates page.
Step 2:  Email us your email address and phone number.
Step 3:  Call us to set up your time.
Step 4:  Log on to Skype at the agreed upon time and your session will begin.
Step 5:  Learn to train your dog.

Technical Stuff.
You need a device with a camera or a webcam that you can video chat with.   You will need your dog, any training equipment required, and possibly something or someone to hold the camera or a tripod so we can see you working with your dog.


Please call for availability and pricing of online training.