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Dear Mr. Robinson,

I want to say a great big "Thank You" for helping me train my "Mom" and "Dad". It is really, really hard for a little puppy like me to "perfect my pack" without help.I was just an energetic, unfocused 3 month old but you are so experienced and so good that everything worked out perfectly.

It was your calm, experienced, patient manner that allowed "Mom", "Dad" and Me to become a real family pack! Thank you so very much for all of your hard work. I am now
almost 8 months old and I have had new experiences in other training situations. Although the other trainers are good-hearted and try their best none of them are as GREAT
as you are.

Thanks to you I can now take ?Mom? and ?Dad? anywhere, anytime (Well? not always ?Dad?.)

You?re the BEST, Louis!!!


Kellee (The Mini Schnauzer) Ables (Oh, ?Mom? and ?Dad? say Thanks?! too.)

PS ? Do I look all grown up and pretty in my pictures?
Dog Training Testimonials
The picture attached is Zoey at about 5mths old. I am writing you mainly of my uncertainty of her behavior. I have thought we have done most everything "right"? From early on being with her when she was fed touching her paws head and petting her. I can clip her nails without too much trouble at all. My daughter lives with me and two grandchildren which she is great with. I have had her to tree hugging training sessions at local Pet smart for basic socialization and regularly take her to Home Depot & Lowes and she does very well outside of our dwelling/property and has spent the weekend with other dogs and day camp at XXXsmart doing very well. She is an awesome dog with much more potential than we are trained to give her and we know it! My basic complaint is she is seemingly very protective on leash outside our home with most anyone and even kids. Given a patient dog lover she soon calms down and accepts. She shows initial aggression with other dogs (barking, hackles up & attempts at charging but she is on leash) But also with a patient dog owner she quickly calms down. My main concern is I feel that if I leave this behavior go without addressing it it will get worse. Again she is a beautiful dog with a high prey drive and loves her ball and I know she has potential.

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your expertise in training our Czech Republic GSD.When we first got Zoe she was exhibiting fear aggression even at an early age of just around four months old. We had taken her to a local chain owned pet store for training but this type of obedience did not "fit" her.After talking with the breeder here in the phoenix valley Louis Robinson was highly recommended to us. Our biggest concern was that her behavior may escalate ending up with her biting someone and in the end losing her. We had a consult with Louis and he described in detail his military background in dog training along with an overview of his manual on training canines. We had decided then and there that he was the antidote for Zoe and her behavior.We started with basic obedience with one visit a week for many weeks from Louis the we progressed on to protection training. During the training period we had worked with Zoey during the week religiously to embed the obedient behavior that she was being trained for We worked through different scenarios with Zoey for protection training in an effort to simulate an unwanted intruder and how she may react in and around our home. She caught on quickly and performed her "duty" very well after a few sessions and continuing on so that her memory would solidify the commands for different situations.About a month after the formal training with Louis was done my wife and I were walking Zoey and our little 10lb Dachshund when out from a rear gate came a dog who attacked our Dachshund. It all happened so fast at the time but I let go of Zoey and gave her the command needed to counter the attack. It seemed like a long event but it was soon over when the owner came outside to retrieve there loose dog. Again I gave the command for Zoey to retreat and seconds later she was at my heal without question We have incorporated the obedience training into our everyday life with Zoey and it has molded us into better dog owners with a great dog that is very loving and loyal to her family but yet vigilant in what takes place around her loved ones.Louis thanks again for your expertise and service to our great country. We would highly recommend (and do) your canine training to anyone that has an issue with there dog.

John & Cynthia P.

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