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Mrs e. Wright (service dog owner)

I began training with louis robinson 10 weeks ago. I was in a quandry. I was and still am training my dog. I needed help. I was doing the best i could training her. I am handicapped and have a rare disease. I needed my dog to perform a certain task i needed.

I bought the 7week session. The firstday louis came to my home, i thouht my dog would perform admirably since i had been working with her for 7 months.
Well, i got the shock of my life when louis asked me to tell my dog to do a simple obedience command. I felt confident she would; however, my dog did not and would not obey. I was so embarassed! after putting all that time in working with her, it was all for nothing. I could have crawled under the table and cry. Well, louis explained to me why the method i was using did not work in and of itself alone.
Now, louis had never worked with my dog; and to my shock and horror he had my dog obeying him in less than 2 minutes! my dog was obeying a complete stranger! well, we began training with louis right then and there. My dog moved along quickly, as she knew the commands but had no consequences for disobedience. Louis explained the process clearly to me and "we"(my family and i) went to work. It was so satisfying to see my dog moving along so quickly just by following a simple rule. By week 5 or 6 she'd done so well that louis suggested moving her into advanced training. I bought 3 more sessions for a total of 10 weeks. Now, this training was to help me with my handicap/rare disease. I explained to louis what i needed my dog to do; and "bingo", just like that, he had the plan!"

we began working on that plan and now i have a beautifully mannered and trained dog that aids me with my disease. Before louis, i was at a complete and total loss. I had called so many dog training services in the valley and every, and i do mean everyone of them, said they couldn't help me because i had too many things wrong with me-and i think having a rare disease didn't help me either. However, i will say, one of the dog training services that turned me down, pointed me in another direction; but that alone wasn't getting me to where i needed to be.

Louis walked in on the scene and i have a "sharp dog" that can do exactly what i need her to do. She is a pleasure to have in public and we work beautifully together as a team. A real team! louis, i can not thank you enough!

i believe "you're the best in the nation." And just as a "heads up", be prepared (although you already are); other members of the family already have plans for you to train their dogs!:) not to mention me, when i need another one.:)
Need a dog trainer? he's "the man!"
thanks, again, louis,


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