Board/Train Program

How does the program work?

Send your dog to us for training.  Get started with your 1st session and our trainer will arrive at your doorstep to observe/evaluate the dogs’ behavior, level of training, and address any other areas of concern. Furthermore, after observing behavior in the home, be advised that we may recommend private training. However if a board and train is, consequently the best option we will schedule a date for you to bring in your pup in for training. The cost of the 1st session can be applied to your total cost. Please ask your trainer for details.  

Learn the basics

Upon your dogs’ arrival at the ranch, one of our trainers will begin working with your dog daily. We guarantee a minimum of 2 training sessions per day, and in most cases, it’s much more.  We will cover Come, Sit, Heel, Heel Stationary, Down and Stay at a minimum.  We will take your dog from what ever level of training it currently has and take it a step further.  In some cases we can do appropriate dog interaction and public training.  Do you need something special? We can accommodate special training requests. 

Ranch Style Kennel

We work closely with a local dog boarding and daycare  to feed and board for our dogs in training. Your dog will not be kept in a crate.   When they are not with a trainer they are in their own private indoor/outdoor kennel run. Furthermore, the property is on a functional country ranch with over an acre of space and a couple of horses too.  We have a large Agility/confidence course and lots of shade.  In addition, there is plenty of open space to train and kennel staff lives on site. 

Stay Updated

Stay updated on your dogs’ training progress with periodic photos and update texts, but once they start training it’s best to not to interrupt the process. Space is very limited so call to check availability. 

Fly Your Dog Here

Do you want to fly your dog to us?  We are located near the Gateway International Airport in Mesa AZ and are happy to pick your dog up from the airport for training.

What to provide:

You must provide current Vaccinations Records including Bortadella and a current Rabies Vaccine. 

Required Items: Slip Collar/Training Collar, Leash, Food, and any medications required

Optional Items: toys, bedding, bones, treats etc.


  • Your dog must be at least 6 months old at the time of initial drop off for our board and train program.  Our standard techniques are based on traditional training techniques that do not require treats or clickers.  The standard commands consist of come, sit, heel, down, and stay.  Special considerations, commands, or advanced training need to be discussed prior to booking.

Custom / Per Day

  • Leaving for a short trip and need some professional dog training?  Look no further, our custom board and train program is the right choice.  We will gladly work with your dog for as long as you let us, we love training dogs. It couldn’t be easier, you leave your dog with us and we do the rest.  3 Day minimum.
  • Copy of our training manual FIDO

Basic 14 Days

  • Send your dog to us for just 2 weeks and you’ll be amazed at what our expert trainers can get done in such a short period of time. Let our trainers put your dog through our basic training curriculum to get a great foundation to base everything else on, while having fun on our doggy agility obstacles.
  • Sit, Heel, Down, Stay, Come, appropriate canine interactions and more…
  • Custom Commands available contact a trainer for details.
  • Includes Introductory Lesson (human training)
  • Copy of our training manual FIDO
  • Follow up lesson @ Drop-off

Premium 30 Days

  • Give us your Dog for a month. Your dog will know and perform all the obedience commands reliably with ease. Furthermore, we will train your dogs performance to the next level.  Our trainers will follow our premium training schedule and customize it for your dog, while .
  • Sit, Heel, Down,Stay, Come, Heel Stationary, Left, Right, and about face while heeling, Up, Ok, appropriate canine interactions, limited public training…and more    
  • Custom Commands available speak to a trainer for details.  
  • Includes Introductory Lesson (human training)
  • Copy of our training manual FIDO
  • Follow up lesson @ Drop-off