Perfect Your Pack
Developing a strong bond with your dog is both an essential and rewarding experience. Basic obedience training is a must, to ensure a well balanced and happy life for your dog.  You'll  love having the peace of mind, that comes with knowing how to train  your dog, creating a well behaved animal that actually listens and does what you ask.  Dogs must have a social structure with humans at the top to prevent confusion, stress, and behavioral issues. Creating proper pack structure within your home is essential for your family and your canine companion. Phoenix dog training made easy.  We even offer some dog training services nationwide.
All Ages & Breeds Welcome
Phoenix home dog training is a great confidence building experience for the entire family.  Making it easier to live with your dog in the confined spaces of your home, in or around the Phoenix area. All ages and breeds are accepted. Large and toy breeds are both welcome. Basic obedience training can start as early as 12 weeks of age.
No Food Bribery or Clickers
My Phoenix dog training program does not use treats or clickers for basic obedience.  Food bribery should never be used on a dog to gain compliance with commands.  This confuses the dog about the leadership structure within the pack, potentially causing stress, and possibly creating issues such as alpha confusion, disobedience, or in some cases even aggression. Major pet food retailers use treat training in order to increase treat consumption and pet food sales revenue.  There are uses for this type of training but I do not believe it is productive for basic obedience. You don't need a pocket full of treats to make your dog perform.
Basic & Advanced dog training
Some of our Phoenix dog training clients need basic obedience training and others will benefit more from the advanced training packages.  Dog training is a lifelong process requiring commitment and diligence. Making sure it is done the right way achieves the best outcome for your dog!
"....a leader in the K-9 training industry."
               - K-9 Cop Magazine
Robinson Dog Training (RDT) is a premium Phoenix, dog training company. We serve the entire valley as well as locations outside of Arizona.  RDT provides the best of both worlds with private in home dog training and group classes.  These services are the perfect solution for all of your pet training needs ( we train working dogs too). You're going to be impressed with the level of quality training we provide.   RDT has rapidly become one of the countries leading authorities on dog training.  The foundations and methods used are based in effective scientifically proven techniques taught by the US Government to our top K-9 Warriors. You will get the best training instruction available.  We believe that by providing owners with a basic understanding of dog behavior and psychology you will have a better dog you ever imagined.  Thousands of others have  learned to train their dogs with our program and would highly recommend our services. Call now for your FREE evaluation.
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Online Training Available World Wide
Our training online training program is designed to teach the owner, not the dog about the principals and techniques of dog training.  You will train the actual dog with our world class instruction.  We can identify and provide you with solutions for solving unwanted behaviors.  We demonstrate the techniques and answer questions in real time.  We will walk you through the steps to have the perfect dog.  Don't wait to have the dog of your dreams of get started right now.
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Official Training Manual  FIDO Fundamentals In Dog Obedience Avaiable for Download Now
What happens when a Veteran K-9 Handler creates a dog training company that caters to pet owners?  You get this book. I provide theory as well as technique that have been scientifically and effectively proven, in not only the field but in everyday life. These are the same methods used by the United States Military to train K-9 warriors. Military Working Dogs are some of the most trusted and best trained dogs in the world.  The methods in this book can be applied to any dog, any age and any breed. I strive to teach private citizens and K-9 handlers the immense benefits of understanding a dog’s behavior and how it relates to training and behavior modification.

$9.95  Paperback Edition 165 pages + S&H
$4.95 Download The PDF
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this file. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can Download it for free from